BT21 The Series
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Korean-american comedy


TV Series

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Opening theme

DNA (BT21 version)

Country of origin

South Korea
United States




Production Company

Big Hit Animation
Cartoon Network Studios


Original channel

Cartoon Network

Original run

February 2018

BT21: The Series is a Korean-american Cartoon Network original series based on LINE FRIENDS collaboration characters created by korean K-Pop boygroup BTS. The series will start in February 2018.

Story Edit

In a far away planet, a super-curious alien Tata want to see another planets, he travelled with BT21's guardian robot VAN when he fell in Earth, after he fell, Tata seen in public TV some Superstar guys dancing in live when Tata wants to be the Universtar.

Tata searched some members and he finds the kind alpaca RJ, the dancing masked pony Mang, the passionate puppy Chimmy, the tough pink bunny Cooky, the yummy head cookie Shooky and the thinker sleepy koala Koya, now thats all when BT21 begins