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Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Series is a new upcoming television cartoon show airing on Cartoon Network on June 3, 2013, based on the comic book series of the same title.

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Calvin and Hobbes go on fantastic adventures such as facing evil space mutants and solving tough problems like going to a dentist appointment or dealing with the new next door neighbor living right by their house.This show is directed by Andrew Beall, Frank Molieri and Lee Mendelsohn.

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Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Series

Air Date

June 3, 2013

Season episodes

Season 1

season 2

season 3

season 4

season 5

season 6

season 7

season 8

season 9

season 10

season 11

season 12

season 13

Voice cast members

Laura Bailey

Quinton Flynn

Rachael Harris

James Woods

Mila Kunis

Bailee Madison

Jesse McCartney

Tom Kenny

Danny DeVito

Phyllis Diller

Robin Williams

Jim Cummings

Rob Paulsen

Joe Alaskey

Emily Hahn

Travis Willingham

Directed by

Andrew Beall and Frank Molieri

Music composed by

David Benoit

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Calvin and Hobbes the Animated Cartoon Series opening theme song lyrics

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