Mr. Gerald is a 2013 cartoon created and based from the comics by Glauco and directed by Clancy Permith and M. Wartella. Although it has many secret adult jokes, the show itself is rated TV-Y7.

Production Edit


Credits Edit

Directors: Clancy Permith and M. Wartella

Written by: Matbrite Saxford, J.G. Quintel

Developed by: Glauco, Clancy Permith and Randall S. Moleta

Storyboarded by: Kingston Hovings, Clancy Permith, J.G. Quintel, Max Winston (odd episodes) and Hiroyuki Imaishi (even episodes, intro and ending)

Executive Producer: Ian Jones-Quartey, John Claust and Rob Renzetti

Art Director: Pendleton Ward, J.G. Quintel

Creative Director: Clancy Permith, Mattbrite Saxford