Boy VS The Fire Monster Story by Johnny Meeks
Written by Johnny Meeks Storyboarded by Frank Paipa
Directed by Rob Renzetti Based on a idea by Johnny Meeks

When Johnny went to CALARTS with Frank Paipa in 1996. Johnny ideas are Kevin Thunder,Bea,Mike the Frog,Flying Werido,ThunderKids and Catatus Man. but the ideas aren't good for kids . In April 1 1998 Johnny drawed a thin kid and Frank said that's cool. So he asked his manager for his idea. the manager said Yes and make the flim 10 minutes. Johnny called the thin kid called Randy later Alex. the film called Boy VS Fire Monster. the manager likes the film and said a great job When Johnny lefted CALARTS with Frank in 2000 Johnny and Frank pitched the show to Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network put the show in the channel. Johnny created a idea to his brain.