This is our Calvin And Hobbes series season 8 ideas.

Episode 1:Time is Short/The Bloody Disembowelment IV

Episode 2:The Best.Ride.Ever./Calvin's Art

Episode 3:Mom Knows What Calvin and Hobbes Did 2 Nights Ago/Graveyard Shit

Episode 4:Calvin's Fortune/The New Wagon

Episode 5:Calvin the Video Game Maker/Wise Guys

Episode 6:Calvin's Little Problem/Stupendous Man Meets Spaceman Spiff

Episode 7:Calvin Goes to Japan (Made-For-TV Movie)

Episode 8:That Darn Bicycle/The Insane Magician (Episode 1B is 1 of the original comic strips coming to life)

Episode 9:The Boy Was Trouble/Spy Buddy.