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*[[List Of The Minimighty Kids Characters#Huntsclan|Huntsclan / Virginia]]
*[[List Of The Minimighty Kids Characters#Huntsclan|Huntsclan / Virginia]]
=== Wolfgang Boy ===
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The Minimighty Kids
Television show information




Animated series

Country of origin

United Kingdon



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

104 (List of episodes)


Running time

22 minutes

Production Company

BBC Worldwide


Original channel

Cartoon Network and CBBC

Original run

3 March 2008 - 30 March 2011

The Minimghty Kids is a comic book (intended for ages 3-10) created by Zep (as a designer) and Helen Bruller (as a writer). The first release dated November 14, 2007. Collection lists 15 albums as of 2008. History staged a variety of anthropomorphic animals, apparently older than ten years, exposing a specific defect. Each character has its own default and complex bound thereto, which usually other characters in the series laugh. Later in the script, the characters get "super-powers" from their complex and arrive, in a paradoxical way, to profit. They again become "normal" when they admit that their complex is not so intrusive.

Usually a name is given to each character starting with the term "super ...".

"Growing Muscles" Sequence: When a kid gets their super power, their bodies buff up to an absolutely absurd degree, until they're bigger than the Earth itself. Fortunately the sequence reverses soon afterwards, or the series would end up being something else entirely.

Plot Edit

We were all caught as a child in the same spiral of fear, every single kid is afraid they don't fit in. Some kids are snotty-nosed, others stutter or their ears stick out or their shoes are too showy... the list goes on forever! Young kids make a mountain out of a molehill! We all remember those days, right? Well, they are over, gone, bye bye! Hello the Minimighty Kids! A new zany series with an optimistic streak which demonstrates that we are all potential Minimighty Kids as long as we have at least one flaw since a flaw can be turned into a Superpower!

Characters Edit

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